I am of Ireland – an adapatation of the works of WB Yeats.

Another opportunity to catch this memorable documentary of the Nobel Prize-winning poet. In this, the gifted Irish actor, Bosco Hogan, delivers the words of the poet and story-teller in character, drawing on aspects of Yeats’ personal and public life to provide an added dimension. Originally performed with music by Grainne and Caitriona Yeats for the Abbey theatre, the piece has been superbly recorded. This one-hour version has been compiled with students in mind and will be presented by the actor Bosco Hogan and followed by a student workshop on some of the prescribed Yeats’ poems for the Leaving Certificate.

Irl, 2001, Documentary, 60 mins, Director: Edward Callan
Please note: because of the workshop nature of this event, places are limited. Booking is essential.

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