Director: Thierry Klifa

105 minutes • France-Belgium • 2011

Ballerina Maria (Géraldine Pailhas) is estranged from her mother, broadcaster Lena (Catherine Deneuve). Instead she trusts grandmother Judit (Marisa Paredes) with her secrets, including the knowledge that she once gave a child up for adoption with whom she is now trying to establish contact, despite his lack of interest and loyalty to adoptive parents Marina Foïs and Jean- Marc Barr. Insinuating his way into these fraught relationships is muckraking author Mathieu (Nicolas Duvauchelle), hoping to write an exposé on Lena. The various storylines in this intricately plotted study of mother-child relationships converge most intriguingly, even as unexpected events spin those relationships into new dynamics. In a strong cast, Foïs is quietly powerful as the woman in anguish at the reappearance of the biological mother of the child she has raised.<

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