Irish Film Institute -Hillwalkers


Director: Tom Cosgrove

For five city friends, a day out hiking in the Irish countryside takes a turn for the worse when one of them suffers an accident. Forced to take a shortcut off the mountain, the friends cross onto private property in an effort to get back to the main road. On their way, they inadvertently stumble upon some illegally killed wildlife. One of them is seen by the landowner while taking photos. Later when confronted, a seemingly friendly offer of help from the landowners leads the friends to an isolated farm. A slow burning confrontation eventually descends into violence and a deadly battle for survival.


  • Best Cinematography, European Cinematography Awards 2021
  • Best Feature Film, European Cinematography Awards 2021
  • Cinematography Award, Los Angeles Cinematography AWARDS (LACA) 2021
  • Best cinematography, New York Cinematography Awards 2021
  • Best Narrative Feature, New York Independent Cinema Awards 2021
  • Best Indie Feature Film, New York Movie Awards 2021
  • Best Film, Sweden Film Awards 2021

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