High Boot Benny

A police informer is found murdered in a small school pursuing a radical and independent approach to education just south of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. Suspicion falls on the school’s Protestant Matron and on Manley, an ex-priest who runs the school with her. Benny, a 17-year-old delinquent who has found refuge at the school, is also implicated. In order to survive in the battle between contending ‘armies’, Benny has to break out of the isolation with which he tries to protect himself. His violent rites-of-passage exposes the deceptions which surround him and force him to take a stance. It asks the paradoxical question ‘On which side are you neutral?’.
DIRECTOR Joe Comerford
PRODUCER David Kelly
CAST Frances Tomelty, Alan Devlin, Marc O’Shea
RUNNING TIME 82 minutes

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