Hercules Returns

Director: David Parker

Can a boy named Testiculi find true happiness in the Pink Panthenon night club in climidia? Why does Hercules use Baby Oil… and for what? Everything is exposed when… Hercules Returns!
Film buff Brad McBain, a frusstrated employee of The Kent Corporation, Australia’s largest and greediest cinema chain, decides to set up on his own and re-opens a long abandoned movie theatre whre he intends to show classic old films in high style.
He chooses to open with Hercules, Samson, Machismo and Ursas Are Invincible, the same Italo-Spanish sword-and scandal miniature epic which graced the screen of the cinema 30 years ago. But things don’t go totally t plan…
Much razmatazz is planned to accompany the gala opening, but Kent Corporation boss, Sir Michael Kent, determined to crush his opposition, interferes and at the last moment McBain discovers that the print has arrived in its original unsubtitled italian version. With black-tie audience ready and waiting in their seats, McBain, his projectionist Sprocket and publicist Lisa, are forced to frantically improvise a voiceover translation themselves… with manic results.

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