Irish Film Institute -HEART OF AN OAK


Director: Laurent Charbonnier & Michel Seydoux

80 mins, France, 2022, Digital

As summer hurtles through, this exquisite nature film depicts the changes that each season brings to the life of an oak tree. Brilliant photography brings us inside and outside this towering guardian of the forest, where mice, squirrels, insects, birds, and a red squirrel all fight for space, while outside leaves grow, buds blossom, acorns fall. The tree is a hive of biodiversity, also offering an observation tower for larger birds, preying on the smaller ones beneath.

Free of voiceover, tension comes from selective soundtrack and edits, as creatures hunt and chase, a little Dean Martin adding to courtship rituals.

A nature doc like no other, this fully absorbing and joyous film reminds us how essential trees are to life.

Tickets for the 18.20 screening on Friday 12th will be €10.40 for IFI Alliance Française members.

Notes by Alicia McGivern

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