Irish Film Institute -HAPPY FEW


Director: Antony Cordier

France • 2010 • 103 minutes

Antony Cordier’s second film expands on the familiar menage-à-trois scenario to explore the effects of partner swapping on two married couples, and whether it is truly possible to love two people at once. A burgeoning work friendship between Rachel (Marina Fois) and Vincent (Nicolas Duvauchelle) leads to a dinner invitation for him and his wife (Elodie Bouchez) to meet her husband Franck (Roschdy Zem). As mutual attractions become apparent, the couples openly begin affairs. What begins as guilt-free and without rules or complication soon generates simmering tensions, insecurities and jealousies, as emotions become confused and secrets are revealed. With an emphasis on the women’s point of view, the quartet’s fine performances keep the storyline convincing, and Cordier expertly manipulates the viewer’s sense of which pairing is the ‘right’ couple.

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