Guilt Free

In director Marcel Sisniega’s full-blooded Gothic melodrama, a sensitive young man’s life and mental health are destroyed by his scheming brother. At 21, Esteban (Francisco Ribera) is the oldest son of the Razo family. Returning to his hometown of Curerenavaca one year after his father’s funeral, Esteban fancies himself as a writer and intellectual. The real talent of the family is the younger son, Juan (Martin Altomaro), who is a little naieve and therefore susceptible to Esteban’s manipulative influence. Thanks to Esteban, the formerly devoted youngster ends up abandoning the family home and his financially struggling mother to live in a ghetto with his lover, Alba (Masha Kostiurina). Even when the family dynamics have dramatically changed, Esteban continues his wicked machinations, with disastrous consequences.

1996. English subtitles.
Dolby stereo.
100 min.

Screening with Guilt Free is the short film Flat (Ponchada).

A man comes to the aide of a woman on a desolate road, only to discover that chivalry can be dangerous.

Director: Alejandra Moya.
English subtitles.
14 min.

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