Gremlins (70mm)

Director: JOE DANTE

USA • 2008 • 95 min

Can it really be a quarter of a century since Gizmo, Stripe and their anarchic offspring were immortalised in the pop cultural psyche forever? Gremlins remains one of the darkest blockbusters in U.S. movie history, and the sickest kids’ movie good old Stephen Spielberg ever loaned his name to: lest we forget, the malicious violence on display prompted the U.S. ratings board to create the PG13 rating. Working from a script by Chris Columbus (later to direct Home Alone and the first two Harry Potter movies – what happened?), director Joe Dante transformed this tale of cuddly creatures who should never, ever be fed after midnight into a relentless live-action Chuck Jones nightmare, an anarchic roller-coaster ride that has aged somewhat beautifully. There are so many reasons to love Gremlins, a movie packed with genius sight gags and dark, dark humour: we’ve always loved Phoebe Cates’ unforgettable monologue concerning a family Christmas she’ll never forget. This rare 70MM screening of Gremlins is not to be missed. And, while we’re at it, screw It’s A Wonderful Life – this is the greatest Christmas movie ever made.

Tickets €12 for the special 70mm screening.

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