Gregory’s Girl

‘Love match of the day’
As a preamble to World Cup 2002, we are screening this endearing and quirky Scottish comedy, which provides a refreshingly different perspective on the beautiful game. Written and directed by Glaswegian Bill Forsyth Gregory’s Girl was a huge hit on its original release in 1980. Set in a comprehensive school just outside Glasgow the story centres on lanky Gregory (John Gordon Sinclair), who is at first infatuated with Dorothy (Dee Hepburn), the new (and gorgeous) centre forward on the school football team. But things do not progress as you might expect, and there is a gentle twist as Gregory is led by a series of schoolgirls into the arms of Susan (Clare Grogan). Forsyth deals with the theme of role reversal with humour and resonance, and the film is strong on observation and naturalistic performances.

UK¨1980,Comedy, 91 mins, Director: Bill Forsyth

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