Girls’ shorts

The best things really do come in small packages, with a programme of girls’ shorts that includes films from USA, France and UK.Definition: Aya De leon
Dir. Jennifer Ongiri 2007 USA 27mins
A short film looking at the work of San Franciscan slam poet, Aya de Leon. Whether dissecting images of women in hip-hop or exposing the constructs of gender and beauty, Aya de Leon makes you think, laugh and listen.
Dir. Dan Borden 2007 USA 8min
A fantasy based on the rumoured lesbian relationship between Hollywood stars Marilyn Monroe and Joan Crawford.
Bun in The oven
Dir. Lilli Hartmann 2005 UK 10min
With panoramic scenery shot in a domestic oven, this is a western like you’ve never seen before.
Laura, pepita…. and The artificial uterus
Dirs. Caroline Fournier & Nathalie Haziza 2007 France 18mins
Sibling rivalry rears its head as our two young lovers get creative in the realms of lesbian reproduction.
Came out, it rained, went back in again
Dir. Betsan Evans Morris 1991 UK 10minutes
A classic lesbian short starring Jane Horrocks. Waking up one morning with the striking revelation ‘I’m gay!’ a wide-eyed innocent travels to the big city under the illusion that ‘they’re all gay in London’.
The red dress
Dir. Barney Cheng 2008 USA 7mins
One woman, one department store, one dress – but what’s the special event?
Dir. Guinivere Turner 2007 USA 10mins
A magic potion gives a group of lesbians a unique appendage experience for a day.
The Touch
Dir. Jane Clark 2007 USA 7mins
Set in 1906, this short is based on the romance between Renee Vivien, a lesbian poet living in Paris, and Kerime Turkhan Pasha, a practising Muslim woman and wife of a Turkish diplomat.

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