One more fight in school and teenage Diana will be expelled. She fights with school bullies, with her teachers and with her father. Growing up in Brooklyn, she has learnt to fend for herself and ignore the mocking of all the men in the gym where she trains. Hector is the worldweary trainer who recognises Diana’s talent and encourages her to develop her skills.

Diana becomes competitive and also finds love with fellow boxer, Adrian. While she fearlessly fights for a place in a male-dominated world, others do not find her so easy to accept. This unusual film which challenges gender stereotypes in both the world of sport and home is by first time director Karyn Kusama. There is a compelling performance from Michelle Rodriguez in the central role as Diana, whose struggle to succeed requires her to make some painful choices.

USA w 2000 w Drama w 111 mins w Director: Karyn Kusama

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