Irish Film Institute -Get Shorty

Get Shorty

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld

Before managing to complete his own Elmore Leonard adaptation, Tarantino was involved with Danny DeVito (who executive produced Pulp Fiction) in the production of this entertaining film of the author’s celebrated Hollywood novel. Pulp Fiction’s John Travolta stars here as Chili Palmer, a movie-obsessed loanshark who becomes a Hollywood player when he pitches his own story concept to schlock movie-maker Harry Zimm (Gene Hackman). The cast, which also includes Rene Russo, Dennis Farina and Delroy Lindo, is exceptional, and director Barry Sonnenfeld mounts the piece as a breezy, smoothly sophisticated affair. Tarantino’s influence can be detected in the countless movie in-jokes. Chili knows the dialogue of Touch of Evil off by heart, and even with a gun in his hand takes the trouble to lecture someone about the difference between Rio Bravo and El Dorado. This is ‘Tarantino Lite’, perhaps, but its a must-see for anyone who loves movies.

U.S.A., 1995.
Dolby stereo.
105 mins.

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