Germany Year Zero

The great Italian director Roberto Rossellini became an unlikely member of the glamorous international movie set after his marriage to Ingrid Bergman. But this life didn’t soften the film-maker’s work, which was admired by Magnum photographers such as Elliott Erwitt, who recognised Germany Year Zero as representing a new kind of post-war cinema. The film is indeed a masterpiece, but not for the qualities of ‘realism’ that are usually associated with Rossellini’s work. In this powerful story of a fifteen-year-old boy living with his family in wretched conditions in post-war Berlin, Rossellini decisively abandons the trappings of neo-realism. Germany begins in the mode of seemingly straightforward ‘documentary’ reportage and becomes ever more hallucinatory and allusive, charting a journey through a strange, devastated landscape full of pain, danger and fear.

Italy-France-Germany, 1947.
72 mins.

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