Irish Film Institute -GAZE: WANDERING HEART


Director: Leonarda Brzezicki

112 mins, Argentina-Brazil, 2021, Digital

‘You need to go deep…’

An incredibly persuasive orgy scene sets the tone for Brzezicki’s deep-dive into a sexy gay existentialist crisis.

Santiago (Leonardo Sbaraglia) is handsome, horny, hung, and hungover. He’s also a father, a lost soul, and just about old enough to know better.

As he beds a succession of gorgeous men not much older than his daughter Laila, the real love of his life, Laila herself, is gradually slipping through his fingers.

The intense family drama at the heart of this feisty narrative stops it from becoming another gay pills and party escapade, and the tension/adoration between father and daughter is magnificently portrayed.

That’s not to say the hedonism isn’t irresistible. If the stark naked George Michael karaoke, or the best cinematic group sex since Shortbus doesn’t satisfy you, maybe your own minor crisis is just around the corner…

For lovers of… Dry Wind, Call Me Be Your Name

Pre-Feature Short:


Dir. Jesse Ung / New Zealand / 2021 / 17m

On the eve of Chinese New Year, Steven, a closeted Chinese international student living in New Zealand, oppressed by the expectations of his parents, plans to lose his virginity to a stranger that he meets online.

Screening as part of GAZE 2022.

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Friday 30th