Screening online on IFI@Home.

The most impactful stories are those that transform the personal into the universal. Relive your own experiences of first, failed and final love through this sweet and sour selection of short sapphic flicks.

Programmed by: Alice Linehan

Hold your breath / dir. Mélissandre Carrasco / France / Year. 17’
When lovers clash, how much can they withstand before someone starts to drown?

NOVA / dir. Luca Meisters / Netherlands / 2020. 11’
An unfamiliar feeling ignites within 15-year-old Nova as a tender soccer coach with an electrifying touch wins her heart.

something about me / dir. Belen Mentasti / Argentina / 2019. 13’
Nighttime unravels the innermost thoughts, feelings and memories of this seemingly secure couple. Does the pillow talk disguise a deeper conflict?

What is wrong with her? / dir. Leah Francisco / UK / 2020. 7’
This spine-tingling poem performed through British Sign Language shares the realities of finding peace in a world that wasn’t built for you.

My Mother’s Girlfriend / dir. Arun Fulara / India / 2021. 15’
A woman drunk on the magic of later-in-life-love has her birthday celebrations interrupted by a son keen to set his mother straight.

Becca / dir. Nancy Webb / Canada / 2020. 12’
Inspired by Rebecca, the first night of romance for these giddy daters is overshadowed by red flags and a looming secret.

In Limbo / dir. Hanna Mathis / Austria / 2020. 21’
Two women take refuge as a monster stalks from the shadows. What they discover in this fabled forest translates in unimaginable ways.

Screening as part of GAZE 2021, September 29th to October 3rd 2021.

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