Screening online on IFI@Home.

GAZE are excited to partner with aemi for a second year, presenting a programme of Irish and international experimental shorts. Films featuring poetry, dance and lip-syncing explore the magic of sexuality, queer spirituality and gender, and cast a tender eye upon heartbreak and loss.

Programmed by: Alice Butler, Emer Lynch and Daniel Fitzpatrick.

Baby Lies Truthfully / dir. Joseph Ingham / UK / 2020.  6’
A cavalcade of talents combine drama and documentary to bring poet David Robilliard’s words to life for the first time in over 30 years. Made by GAZE award-winner Joseph Ingham (Invisible Women), featuring Russell Tovey.

St Clair W / dir. Emily Ryder / Canada / 2021.  3’
A short experimental film about love, loss, and the relationship we have with our own memories.

Cat Vomit / dir. Francis O’Mahony / Ireland / 2021. 7’
A diaristic account of one person’s experience of their gender as a lingering and inescapable aspect.

I Fell Asleep Upside Down and Let the Blood Rush to My Head / dir. Ryan Luis Fuller / USA / 2020. 9’
An experimental documentary based on shifting sexuality through teenage years.

Masisi Wouj / dir. Zé Kielwagen, Marcos Serafim & Steevens Simeon / Haiti / 2021. 22’
Haitian artist and activist Sanba Yonel creates a queer tribute to the Lwa, Vodou gods and goddesses who once inspired a revolution, while reclaiming a word is used against queer and gender non-conforming people.

The Devotions / dir. Mia Georgis / UK / 2021. 14’
Part biography, part testimonial and part imagined queer heavenly utopia, The Devotions explores queerness and Catholicism. Expect club music and the Virgin Mary.

Florence / dir. Pauline Quinonero / France / 2021. 5’
Elisabeth loves Florence. But Florence is gone.

The Uninhabitable Ones / dir. Anderson Bardot / Brazil / 2020/ 25’
A choreographer builds a friendship with Pedro, a black boy who doesn’t identify as a boy. A poetic wildness of transgressive queers, colors, and bodies that celebrate their black and latinx existences.

Screening as part of GAZE 2021, September 29th to October 3rd 2021.

91 mins


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