Gaze on Tour 2020

Director: Janet Grainger
Solène Guichard
Shaun O'Connor
Stiofan O’Ceallaigh
Laura Mannix
Caleb Julian Roberts
Cara Holmes
Megan K Fox

The GAZE on Tour 2020 Irish LGBT shorts programme spans an array of Irish talent from all sides of the border creating an excitingly diverse collection of drama, animation and documentary.

This programme, curated for GAZE festival 2020, reflects the diverse spectrum of voices and the distinct experiences of the Irish LGBTQI+ community. GAZE is committed to promoting these voices outside of the festival, and is proud to include the programme in its GAZE on Tour season through the IFI International programme.

Outside the Box
Director: Janet Grainger
We’re not a box. We don’t have sides. One side fits all!
5 minutes, Ireland, 2019, colour

Director: Solène Guichard
Two sisters rediscover mementos of someone close, familiar and gone.
13 minutes, Northern Ireland, 2019, colour

A White Horse
Director: Shaun O’ Connor
A young woman in 1970s Ireland makes a call home that her parents were long expecting.
11 minutes, Republic of Ireland, 2019, colour

The Calamus Emotion
Director: Stiofan O’Ceallaigh
Incantations, time travel and Walt Whitman in a visually arresting experimental work.
9 minutes, UK, 2019, colour

Coming Home
Director: Laura Mannix
Devin’s childhood exists in these four walls. How do we stop bad memories replacing the good?
10 minutes, Ireland, 2020, colour

From His Perspective
Director: Caleb Julian Roberts
Three minutes in the life of a young trans man that could change yours in the process.
3 minutes, Northern Ireland, 2019, colour

Welcome to a Bright White Limbo
Director: Cara Holmes
Through dance and documentary, Oona Doherty is on a quest for some kind of freedom.
11 minutes, Ireland, 2019, colour

Cailín Álainn
Director: Megan K Fox
The Gaeltacht is the place of many firsts, especially for one Pretty Girl.
11 minutes, Ireland, 2019, colour

Total running time for programme: 75 minutes

IFI International is pleased to collaborate with GAZE LGBT Film Festival to offer GAZE on Tour 2020 to our international exhibitors.

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