Irish Film Institute -GAZE: NELLY & NADINE


Director: Magnus Gertten

92 mins, Sweden-Beligum-Norway, 2012, Digital

‘I would give my life to see you again for 24 hours…’

Gertten’s masterful tale of lesbian love that survived Hitler’s death camps both empowers and humbles the viewer with its vision of true love and the incredible resilience of the human spirit.

On Christmas Eve 1944, opera singer Nelly is called upon to perform for her fellow camp inmates. One of these women, Nadine, is captivated, and her own ‘Madame Butterfly’ becomes imprinted on her heart.

It seemed beyond their wildest dreams, that having fallen in love inside Ravensbrück concentration camp, the two women would not only survive its horrors, but would find one another again in the free world.

The cruelty beyond the camp walls meant their love had to remain secret for many years but now their incredible path to be together has been pieced together through letters, diaries and photography, and now will live for all time thanks to this powerful documentary tribute.

A genuinely life affirming experience.

For lovers of… A Secret Love, Paragraph 175

Pre-Feature Short:


Dir. Hidde de Vries / Netherlands / 2021 / 12m

A gay couple experience the emotional ups and downs of life as a foster family.

Screening as part of GAZE 2022.

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Sunday 2nd