Irish Film Institute -GAZE: HOW TO TELL A SECRET


Director: Anna Rodgers & Shaun Dunne

101 mins, Ireland, 2022, Digital

‘I want to tell you something. I want to tell you something…’

This groundbreaking film takes on the enormity and complexity of HIV in Ireland with rigorous honesty, ingenuity and artistry that propels the conversation forward.

People in Ireland living with HIV share experiences with disarming emotional generosity and multiple creative means – making room for rage, acceptance, catastrophe and love along the way.

Mixing new documentary work and archival footage with verbatim theatre, lip sync and a non-linear film style, this is queer storytelling at its best. Veda’s embodiment of the Diceman, Thom McGinty, is surely one of the most iconic visions of queer Ireland yet captured on film.

This is the HIV film Ireland has been waiting for.

For lovers of… United In Anger, The Arbour

U equals U. Did you know that effective HIV treatment makes a person’s viral load undetectable and therefore HIV untransmittable? Which means HIV cannot be passed on to sexual partners. U equals U!

In conversation

Join the fantastic team behind How To Tell A Secret, with HIV activists and friends, as we discuss the film and the crucial topics it raises.

Pre-Feature Short


Dir. Modify Productions / United Kingdom / 2022 / 3m12s

Seán Hewitt performs a newly-filmed poetry commission for Derek Jarman against the backdrop of the recent Jarman show at Manchester Art Gallery.

Screening as part of GAZE 2022.

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Thursday 29th