GAZE 2020: Women’s Shorts


84 mins

To pre-order the collection of women’s shorts, click here. The collection will be available to view from Saturday, October 3rd at 16.30.

Delphine / dir. Chloé Robichaud / Canada / 2019. 15’
A young Lebanese girl fights to thrive in a world that won’t make space for her.

MC Jess / dir. Carla Villa-Lobos / Brazil / 2018. 20’
Demolishing prejudices by being authentically herself, MC Jess is a force to be reckoned with.

Were You Gay in High School? / dir. Niki Ang / USA / 2020. 12’
Two queer women recollect their straight salad days over some fast food.

Naomi Replanksky at 100 / dir. Megan Rossman / USA / 2020. 6’
From the director of The Archivettes, a pioneering lebian poet on the big 1-0-0.

Ayaneh / dir. Nicolas Greinacher / Switzerland / 2019. 14’
A young refugee finds herself caught between worlds when new desires appear. 

The Test / dir. Jessica Smith / Australia / 2020. 8’
A loving couple wants to take the ultimate step together, but will the medical results permit them?

Queerer Than Thou / dir. Kate Jessop / UK. 2’
Contemporary gone mad in this very tongue-in-cheek animation.

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