Irish Film Institute -GAZE 2020: Experimental Shorts

GAZE 2020: Experimental Shorts


67 mins

To pre-order the collection of experimental shorts, click here. The collection will be available to view from Saturday, October 3rd at 14.00.

An exciting programme of short works curated by aemi ( These films push the boundaries of form, of what is permissible and possible, while utilising a variety of different media and mediums. They take us on an interplanetary journey, moving in and out of the past and a series of potential and possible futures.

Afterimages / dir. Karol Radziszewski / Poland / 2018. 15’
A roll of film accidentally exposed twice. Superimposed images from an intimate photo shoot are overlaid with images capturing 1980s gay hangout spots in the Polish seaside town of Sopot. A provocative microhistory in motion.

Marian / dirs. Rachel Ni Bhraonain, Gerard O’ Keefe / Ireland / 2020. 7’ 
Commissioned by Garter Lane Gallery and created during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, Marian explores our own maternal lineage, hair, the Catholic imagery of Irish childhoods, farm life, 90’s punk girl bands, decay, domestic realities and the secrets passed from one generation of Irish women to the next.

When The Androgynous Child / dir. Melina Perfundi / Germany, Argentina / 2019. 9’
When the child speaks from his or her androgyny – which is neither truth nor appearance, neither male nor female, but all at once – they will return to the places where they have belonged. He or she remembers and claims their identity as a foreigner, refugee, bilingual, rejected for not being a man or woman at all.

QUEERING DI TEKNOLOJIK / dir. Timothy Smith / UK / 2019. 9’
A message from the future. Spoken by the collective digital voice of a group of queer artists and activists, this collaborative project speculates about the possibilities of a temporality yet to come. What does the future look, sound and feel like?

Closeted Lesbian / dir. Bia Lee / Brazil / 2020. 6’
Mirrored kaleidoscopic images of vintage pornography are offset against a more personal and private reminiscence of sexual awakening and becoming.

Canis Major / dir. Charli Brissey / USA / 2019. 11’
An artist suffering from severe writer’s block relies on the friendship of their dog in this multi-genre sci-fi short. Based on many true stories, this video-animation hybrid ruminates the relationship between dancing and earthly survival at the “end of the world”.

They Through Them / dir. Joan Lopez / Spain / 2020. 11’
An exhilarating docu-fiction that captures not only a precise moment of self-evolution but also the many ties between a group of friends that met a series of parties in Barcelona in 2018.



About aemi
aemi is a Dublin-based initiative that supports and regularly exhibits moving image works by artists and experimental filmmakers. Since its formation in 2016, aemi’s key objective has been to provide support for artists working with the moving image in order to contribute to a developing infrastructure around these practices in Ireland. aemi is dedicated to expanding audiences for this material through regular curated programmes of Irish and international work with the intention of enriching the critical discourse.

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