GAZE 2020: Cicada

Director: Matthew Fifer and Kieran Mulcare

93 mins, USA, 2020, Digital

To pre-order Cicada, click here. The film will be available to view from Thursday, October 1st at 21.30.



Ben has done a good job keeping his guard up. Through casual encounters with men and women, the most they get from him is the remnants of pillow talk as he puts on his socks. But after meeting the handsome Sam while browsing some books, the two form a bond far beyond what Ben is used to giving another person. His airhead psychotherapist won’t listen to him, but Sam encourages Ben to share things about his past, slowly chipping away at the walls he has built. Will Sam’s honesty give Ben courage to find his own.

Like our central hero, Cicada is disarmingly sexy, but as it uncoils we explore the all-too-universal question of just what do we reveal to our partners in a relationship, and more importantly, what are we forced to reveal to ourselves?

Contains themes intended for a mature audience.

A Filmmaker Q&A will follow this screening.

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