Irish Film Institute -GAZE 2020: Ask Any Buddy

GAZE 2020: Ask Any Buddy

Director: Evan Purchell

78 mins, USA, 2019, Digital

To pre-order Ask Any Buddy, click here. The film will be available to view from Saturday, October 3rd at 22.00.



Lovingly and erotically anthropological, Evan Purchell’s essay film Ask Any Buddy is a kaleidoscope of boys from bygone eras. Made with the warmth of grainy film and disco, it pieces together the work of famous adult directors of the day, including William Higgins, Tom DeSimone and Joe Gage. Purchell pieces together fragments from 126 theatrical feature films, spanning the years 1968-1986, to create a cut-up of urban gay life through a particular viewpoint

Ask Any Buddy is a joyful homage to the radical act of being a happy and fulfilled homosexual, and to the gleeful smutmakers who captured the nightlife, the cruising, the baths. There are giggles to be had, as well as great extracts from Arthur J. Bressan’s documentary Gay USA. So get a few mates round, sit apart at a safe distance, and remember… it’s art!

Contains explicit content. Over 18s only.

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