Irish Film Institute -Garbo


Director: Kevin Brownlow

U.K.-U.S.A.| 2005. Colour. Digital video. 85 min.

A new, feature-length profile by legendary documentarian and film historian Kevin Brownlow, Garbo offers an intimate look at the life and career of the enigmatic actress. Her career is illustrated with clips from all her movies, ranging from the early Swedish films to such Hollywood triumphs as Anna Christie, Grand Hotel, Camille, Ninotchka and her swan song in 1941’s Two-Faced Woman. This unique portrait also contains much rare footage, new and vintage interviews with biographers and admirers, plus many of the friends, relatives and associates who came closest to penetrating the lonely star’s veil of solitude. Among those offering analysis and reminiscences are biographer Barry Paris, actor/playwright Charles Busch, Garbo’s niece and great nephews, and friends Gore Vidal, Gavin Lambert, Jack Larson and Sam Green (Garbo’s confidante and walking companion for 20 years). The archival interviews feature childhood friend Mimi Pollak, author Adela Rogers St. Johns and Clarence Brown, Garbo’s favourite director.

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