Director: Thierry de Peretti

121 mins, France, 2022, Digital, Subtitled

October 2015: French Customs seize seven tons of cannabis in the heart of the capital. Informant Hubert Antoine (Roschdy Zem) contacts Libération journalist Stéphane Vilner (Pio Marmaï) with documentation to prove that a high-ranking French police chief (Vincent Lindon) is involved in state-run trafficking. Based on Hubert Avoine’s and Emmanuel Fansten’s sensational true-crime book, L’InfiltréUndercover is a thrilling depiction of the complexities of journalistic investigation and political disillusionment. Striking and fluid photography by Claire Mathon, and a gripping flow of dialogue, information and details unmask the truth to dizzying effect.

Notes by Marie-Pierre Richard.

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