Irish Film Institute -TWO IN THE WAVE


Director: Emmanuel Laurent, Antoine de Baecque

90 minutes // France // 2011

Two in the Wave is the story of a true friendship that goes awry. Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut meet in 1950: they go to the same cinema clubs, write for the same magazines, the Cahiers du Cinéma and Arts. When Truffaut becomes a director with 400 Blows, which triumphs at Cannes in 1959, he helps Godard get into filmmaking, giving him his screenplay
called Breathless.

They are close during the ‘60s, but eventually politics comes between the two friends. In 1968 Godard becomes involved in the revolution, while Truffaut continues to pursue his career in the same kind of films. This friendship and consequent split creates an incarnate narrative of French cinema. (ADB)

Cannes Classic, Cannes Film Festival 

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