Irish Film Institute -TONNERRE


Director: Guillaume Brac

106 minutes // France // 2014

Maxime (Vincent Macaigne) returns to live with his father (Bernard Ménez) in Tonnerre (meaning ‘thunder’), a small town in the Burgundy region. With the young and pretty Mélodie, a journalist at the regional newspaper, Maxime finds love when it is least expected.

Amidst the apparent tranquility of Tonnerre, a passion is born giving way to obsession. Brac’s work is inspired by post-New Wave cinema. In Tonnerre, we think of Rohmer (A Winter’s Tale in particular) and of Jacques Rozier. Like an emotional stake, Vincent Macaigne’s poignant, heartwrenching performance goes right to the heart. (MPR)

Locarno International Film Festival 2013

Director’s Note: The film’s strength lies in its ability to slip – not in an obvious way – with gradually rising intensity, from simple chronicle to dark thriller.


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