Irish Film Institute -PARIS FOLLIES


Director: Marc Fitoussi

98 minutes // France // 2014

Following 2010’s Copacabana, Marc Fitoussi works again with Isabelle Huppert (Brigitte) who with husband Xavier (a wonderful Jean-Pierre Darroussin), farms beef in Normandy.

After encountering handsome young Parisian Stan (Pio Marmaï) at a neighbour’s party, Brigitte heads to Paris on the pretext of an appointment with a dermatologist after an eczema flare.

Searching challenge and revival, her Paris escape becomes a sort of matrimonial all-or-nothing, where Brigitte enjoys everything on offer. With dense, warm photography by DOP Agnès Godard, Fitoussi eliminates stereotypes about the rural world (often depicted as dark and depressing) to control this comedy with flair and tremendous precision. (MPR)

Alliance Française Screening

Director’s Note: In an unexpected casting, Isabelle Huppert is refreshing and touching in this tender comedy about a middle-aged couple in crisis.

Showing as part of the Carte Noire IFI French Film Festival 2014 (November 19th – 30th).

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