Director: Vincent Mariette

Fool Circle: 90 minutes // France // 2014 The Lizards: 15 minutes // France // 2012

We are delighted to be joined by Laurent Lafitte at this screening.

‘I’m calling you to bring you good news: dad is dead!’

Léon (Laurent Lafitte) and Bruno (Vincent Macaigne), brothers diametrically opposed, never hung out, and saw even less of their dad, whose memory brings back a lost and confused childhood. At the funeral home, rather than their deceased father, they meet Chloé (Ludivine Sagnier), the sister they never knew they had. The trio start an investigation at their childhood home – a former lakeshore hotel, now officially sealed.

Through an atmosphere of melancholy, a fine and subtle comedy emerges, stylised by cinephilic digressions referencing both Bertrand Blier and Wes Anderson. (MPR)

Director’s Note: A film about crisis and reconstruction, each character exploring their personal anxieties and hopes on a circular trajectory.

The Lizards (Les Lézards)
Léon joined by his buddy Bruno, waits in a sauna where he is to rendezvous a girl he has met online. (MPR)

Showing as part of the Emerging Directors strand of the Carte Noire IFI French Film Festival 2014 (November 19th – 30th). See also Guillaume Brac’s Tonnerre (November 20th, 20.45).

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