Freaky Friday

Director: Mark Waters

US| 2003| Drama| 96 mins

Would you like to swap bodies with someone for a day? Teenage Anna and her mother Tess don’t have any choice when they fall under the influence of a magic spell. Tess becomes trapped in Anna’s slouching teenage body while Anna gets the body of her forty something mother. Before this, they had argued every day about Anna’s clothes, schoolwork and band or Tess’ new partner. Now they get to see just what it is like inside the other’s skin.
Based on the book by Mary Rogers, the story is given real freshness by the hilarious performance of Jamie Lee Curtis as Tess, the stressed out working mother. Yet the film lacks the drugs, sex or abuse of another recent film, Thirteen, yet it is not only played for laughs. In coming to terms with each other’s situation, Tess gets a better insight into Anna’s feelings about her new father while she, as Tess, learns to respect her daughter’s choices.

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