Frank Ned and Busy Lizzie

Director: David Rane

Ireland 2003. Colour. 52mins.

An enchanting tale of an elderly man and his less -than- pure housekeeper Frank Ned McCafferty, a 70 year old bachelor farmer living alone in a remote part of North-West.
Donegal, thinks his days of dirty laundry, unwashed dishes and cold dinners are over with the unexpected arrival of Lizzie, a 40 year old travelling saleswoman from Bridgend, 50 miles away. Lizzie adopts Frank and starts to clean his house, cook for him and keep him company. Frank has no relatives to leave his 60 acre farm to, and the neighbours think the motives of Busy Lizzie are less than pure. Frank Ned & Busy Lizzie is a film about a charming and funny old man struggling to keep his farm going, and his bizarre relationship with his housekeeper.

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