Irish Film Institute -Fiza


Fiza is one of the talking points and one of the box office hits of recent months in India. One of the points of comment is the fact that it is the first film from a man, Khalid Mohamed, who has gone from film critic to film-maker.

The editor of Filmfare, Khalid Mohamed wrote the story and the sreenplay and directed the film. It is a story also that tackles politics and religious conflict, it is situated against the backdrop of the 1993 Bombay riots. Fiza (Karisma Kapoor) sets out to find her long lost brother Amaan (Hritihik Roshan) who disappeared during a particularly fierce night of rioting. She does of course find him in the end, however the twist is that he has trouble reintegrating back into his old world.

The film has drawn comment for the subject matter and in breaking to some degree from established Hindi film formulas. It also walks a line between ‘art house’ and ‘commercial’.

Director, Khalid Mohamed
India, 2000

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