Fight or Flight

Director: Peter McCarthy and Shane Sutton

Ireland. 2005| 90mins.

An Irishman suffers a violent and unprovoked attack on a city street at home, and it awakens a primal interest in self defence, and a need to understand the inner workings of violence. He embarks on a journey to South East Asia to train as a Muay Thai fighter in several camps
throughout Thailand – as good as from scratch – and to face real opponents of this very fast and very tough combat sport. Fight or Flight
explores this physical and psychological journey into the art and culture of Muay Thai Boxing, in backstreet boxing gyms of Bangkok and Chang Mai, in Buddhist monasteries, and of course in the ring. This documentary explores the dissatisfaction, anger and fear of a man who has been a victim of a stranger’s violent whimsy. The director will attend the screening.

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