Director: Bruce Robinson

107 minutes, U.K., 1987, Colour

IFI Press Officer and Withnail and I fan Patrick Stewart will introduce the screening.

Lighter fluid, an un-plucked roast chicken, fresh water fish caught by gun-shot and copious amounts of booze all feature in Bruce Robinson’s masterful Withnail and I to whet your appetite for this month’s edition of Feast Your Eyes.

Set partly in London and partly in an isolated country cottage in the Lake District at the end of the 1960s, a palpable sense of drunken rage and an inevitable hangover lingers over this uproariously funny but lamentable tale of two actor friends living in squalor, awaiting the offer of any part that will take them out of their destitute living conditions.

Shot through a lens coloured as much by fond reminiscence as deep-seeded exasperation, the distinct yet familiar quality of Withnail and I is marked by a string of unforgettable lines. Feel free to demand “the finest wines available to humanity’”at the bar downstairs afterwards. (Notes by Alice Butler.) 

This screening will be followed by a meal of traditional English pub fare – Lancashire Hot Pot, Baked Trout with Garlic and Mushroom on a Bed of French Beans, or Pear, Walnut and Blue Cheese Salad with Honey and Poppy Seed Dressing – in the IFI Café Bar. Tickets €20 (free list suspended). 


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