Director: Alexander Payne

127 minutes, U.S.A., 2004, Colour, Blu-ray

When aggrieved unpublished writer and recently divorced Miles (Paul Giamatti) brings his soon-to-be-married best friend Jack on a trip to the Santa Ynez Valley wine country in the days leading up to the wedding, he envisages a peaceful, epicurean retreat. However, libidinous and uninhibited Jack – captured brilliantly by Thomas Haden Church – has something altogether less refined in mind.

Alongside some of the most hilarious comic performances committed to screen in recent years, Sideways also has something significant to say about coping with life’s great disappointments, and the importance of savouring, as well as sharing, the good it nevertheless has to offer (Notes by Alice Butler.) 

The screening will be followed by a wine-tasting event when customers can sample Californian wines from the Round Hill Vineyards: Zinfandel, Oak Free Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon (with charcuterie and cheese boards) in the IFI Café Bar. Tickets €20 (free list suspended).

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