Irish Film Institute -FEAST YOUR EYES: MOM AND ME


Director: Ken Wardrop

76 mins, Ireland, 2016, Digital

This film was released 26th July 2016, and is no longer screening.

Zooming in on the state of Oklahoma, recently voted the manliest state in the USA, Wardrop finds his subjects with the help of popular radio talk show host Joe Cristiano, who invites male listeners to phone in and discuss their mothers. The responses from a broad range of sons – war veterans, attorneys, prisoners and preachers – are vulnerable and honest and filled with as much frustration as fondness, and we meet mothers who are demanding, iconoclastic, resilient and boundlessly loving. Infused with Wardrop’s signature warmth and an unerring instinct for the affectionate humour in the everyday, Mom and Me is a compassionate and entertaining observation of masculinity and motherhood.  (Notes by Sunniva O’Flynn.)


Traditional Honey Roast Bacon, Cabbage and creamy Parsley sauce


My mom’s Freshly Breaded Cod fillet with Middle German Potato Salad


Mixed Mushroom and Pea Pie served with Creamy Onion Mash


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