Director: Gabriel Axel

102 minutes, Denmark, 1987, Colour, D-Cinema

Our monthly gastronomic feature followed by a meal in the IFI Café Bar.

The film:

Set in a remote Danish village in the mid-1800s, this Oscar-winning film follows the devout and elderly sisters Martine and Philippa, who take in Babette as a housekeeper when she appears unannounced on their doorstep having fled political upheaval in Paris.

When Babette unexpectedly wins a handsome sum in a lottery, she decides to use the money to prepare a lavish meal for her new Danish friends, something which doesn’t sit well with the pious crowd. However when they taste the food she has prepared they struggle to contain the pleasure they find in devouring her extraordinary French dishes, including buckwheat cakes with caviar and sour cream, quail in puff pastry shell and rum sponge cake.

The food:

Choose from Chicken and wild mushroom Vol-au-vent on a fresh mixed salad bouquet, Oven baked lemon sole on squashed baby potatoes, green asparagus and beurre blanc or Vegetable risotto with cherry tomatoes, yellow zucchini and broccoli.

Tickets €20. Free list suspended.

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