Director: Remy Duchemin

The story of Fausto is a modern day fairytale, a highly improbable yet enchanting account of a happy and fortunate orphan with magical powers. Fausto Barbarico is plunged headlong into a tough and difficult world at the age of seventeen when he loses both of his parents and ends up in an orphanage. Luckily for Fausto however, he has a gift – he can turn the most desperate situation to his advantage, and it is not long before he is surrounded by the warmth of a surrogate family. At the orphanage Fausto makes a friend of ‘Fat Raymond’, the tender hearted ‘Petomane’ who soon becomes confidant and brother. Upon starting work as an apprentice tailor, he finds a second father in his boss Mietek Breslauer, a hunchback Jewish tailor with penchant for stories and a skilful hand. Fausto flourishes under his mentors guidance and soon becomes renowned for his magical costumes.
From a humble beginning then, comes the story of Fausto, the orphan who had nothing and ends up with everything: love, friendship, a family, talent and renown. A fairytale for the 20th century.

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