Faubourg 36

Director: Christophe Barratier

France-Germany-Czech Republic • 2008 • 120 minutes

Christophe Barratier follows up his much loved Les Choristes with a tribute to the bygone days of musical theatre. Set in a quaint outer suburb of Paris, against the historical backdrop of the French Popular Front, Faubourg 36 follows one small community’s passion for their beloved theatre, The Chansonia. But when debts start to mount up it is promptly shut down. This leaves stagehand Pigoil (played by the wonderful Gerard Jugnot) and all his co-workers out of work. A motley crew of comedians, musicians and backstage workers, they decide to repossess the theatre and return it to its former glory. When a beautiful young singer from the city arrives to join the troupe, their fortunes start to change…

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