Irish Film Institute -Faro Document 1979

Faro Document 1979

In 1969, some 700 people lived on the bleak, spare island of Faro in the Baltic just north of Gotland. One of them, Ingmar Bergman, used the island as a setting for his films, its influences on character, outlook and design proving to be so vital that at last he gave the place its starring role in an affectionate home movie about the location and its inhabitants. Ten years later, 673 people live on Faro, and Bergman returns for a progress report, a documentary covering the span of their existence from one winter to the next. Given Faro’s special significance in his affections, Bergman makes an admirably detached reporter, and much of the island speaks for itself. The people need little prompting: from the lighthouse-keeper staunchly resisting computerisation to the schoolteacher describing his campaign to secure all the school equipment he needs from a distance and uncaring authority, the Faro community expresses itself with assurance and a certain rugged pride.

English subtitles.
103 mins.

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