Mascha Halberstad

OPENING NIGHT EVENT: Pig-tastic (17.30 – 18.30)
Get your oink in gear for the IFI Family Festival 2022 before our piglet-starring opening film, Oink. Celebrate all things piggie, with fun, games and pig-themed art activities along with veggie treats and stories.

When her vegetarian mum refuses a dog, Babs is delighted with a birthday piglet gift from her long-lost American grandad. Irresistibly cute, Oink proceeds to break all household rules, unleashing copious poop and mayhem, but Babs is determined to keep him, encouraged by Grandad, who secretly has an eye on the local sausage competition. A hilarious, high-energy stop motion charmer, with something to say on generational and lifestyle differences.

Age recommendation: 8+

Screening as part of the IFI Family Festival 2022, August 26th to 28th.

72 mins, Netherlands-Belgium, 2022, Digital, Subtitled with reader


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