Irish Film Institute -IFI Family Festival 2014: Short Tales 2

IFI Family Festival 2014: Short Tales 2


Total Duration: 70 mins (approx)

Short films are a great way of seeing the world! Visit Italy, Turkey, France and Venezuela; see how Mirko gets used to wearing glasses, or watch two dolls in a toy store fall in love. Find out about barrel racing in Venezuela and everyday life in the Turkish mountains.

Kalle Kran

Kalle is a jolly, kind-hearted crane operator. With a watchful eye and a sense of humor, he’s able to fix many of the problems on the ground, often before anyone else even seems to notice.

Swedish – 2014 – 6 minutes – Animation – Director: Johan Hagelbäck


What do you get when you mix a group of agile giraffes with an Olympic-sized swimming pool and some diving boards? Find out by watching this hilarious 3D-short.
French – 2012 – 5 minutes – Animation – Director: Nicolas Deveaux

Ravi & Jane

Adjusting to life in Australia is difficult for Sri Lankan refugee, Ravi. Thankfully, he befriends his classmate Jane and soon the two are inseparable. However, powers outside of their control threaten to divide the pair.
Australia – 2013 – 14 minutes – Live Action – Director: Stuart O’Rourke

Choir Tour

What happens when an inseparable choir of boys break away from their conductor on a school tour? No longer under strict supervision, the boys cause chaos around their hotel in a hilarious game of hide-and-seek.
Latvia – 2012 – 5 minutes – Animation – Director: Edmunds Jansons

The Barrel

In Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela’s largest oil field, Luis David hopes to enter a barrel race with the other children of his village. Having to constantly take care of his younger siblings, the 13-year old hopes to forget his responsibilities for a day and compete in the race.

Venezuela – 2013 – 11 minutes – Live Action – Director: Anabel Rodríguez Ríos


Telling the story of Anya, a young girl growing up in a Russian orphanage, this animated short from Brown Bag Films shows the impact of Irish charity “From Russia with Love”.
Ireland – 2014 – 4 minutes – Animation – Director: Damien O’Connor

Shame and Glasses

Mirko needs to wear his glasses in school though he’s afraid of what others will think. He has to learn that by wearing them he’ll see both his school test and the life lesson that’s been in front of him the whole time.
Italy – 2013 – 7 minutes – Live Action – Director: Alessandro Riconda

Twins in the Bakery

What happens when a baker leaves his quiet bakery on a delivery? The sausage twins and their bread and pastry friends come to life! Their antics will certainly give the business a new appetite for success.

Japan – 2012 – 5 minutes – Animation – Director: Mari Miyazawa

These are Chaperoned Screenings.

Age Recommendation 8+

These films are screening as part of the IFI Family Festival 2014 (July 17th – 20th).

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