Irish Film Institute -IFI Family Festival 2014: Short Tales 1

IFI Family Festival 2014: Short Tales 1


Total Duration: 60 minutes (approx)

Kick your Festival off with a bang at our wonderful programme of short films for younger viewers. You’ll meet a mischievous fox, a clever chickadee, a felt chef and a little girl who loves the magic of the night. There’s also a journey into space and a restaurant that comes to life!

Papa Cloudy’s Restaurant

Papa Cloudy is a gentle cloud with a moustache who works as a seafood chef. When a mischievous octopus causes a commotion in the restaurant, Papa starts to panic.

Japan – 2014 – 6 minutes – Animation – Director: Akiko McQuerrey

Hula Hoop

A girl with a hula hoop, transforms into flowers, fruit, a goldfish and ultimately, the earth itself. The ordinary and the extraordinary loop in this playful take on the circle of life, told in grains of sand.

USA – 2012 – 1 minute– Animation – Director: Tess Martin

High Above The Sky

When his dad takes him to the supermarket, Leo has no idea of the adventure that lies ahead. Although his journey begins in the aisles, he’s soon soaring high above the sky.

UK – 2012 – 3 minutes – Animation – Directors: Kim Noce, Shaun Clark

Mira’s Night

Mira is constantly collecting things and hiding them in her own secret place. But late one summer evening, she embarks on an adventure full of magic and wonderment which changes the night sky forever.

USA – 2011 – 4 minutes – Live Action – Director: Elyse Kelly

Monster’s Symphony / Monstersinfonie

A little girl does voice exercises with her monster buddies to play tricks on the adults.

Germany – 2012 – 3 minutes – Animation – Director: Kiana Naghshineh

The Fox and the Chickadee

When a starving fox and a cunning chickadee find themselves trapped in a standoff, the situation doesn’t look good for the chickadee. Rather than give in to the wily fox, the chickadee proposes a plan that would feed the fox for winter.

Canada – 2012 – 8 minutes – Animation – Director: Evan DeRushie

The Dam Keeper

A lonely pig has the very important job of keeping his town safe by operating a giant dam. However, no one seems to treat the Dam Keeper with any respect. Fortunately, his lonely life is turned around when he meets a new classmate, Fox.

USA – 2014 – 18 minutes – Animation – Director: Robert Condo, Daisuke Tsutsumi


When a plague of mice overrun a maritime museum, the museum attendants try everything they can to get rid of them. But the mice are too clever. That’s when the Rescue Team is called in to fix the situation.

Latvia – 2013 – 7 minutes – Animation – Janis Cimmermanis

Recommended Age: 4+

These films are screening as part of the IFI Family Festival 2014 (July 17th – 20th).

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