Irish Film Institute -FACES PLACES


Director: Agnès Varda, JR

94 mins, France, 2017, Digital, Subtitled

This film was released 21st September 2018, and is no longer screening.


The indefatigable Agnès Varda, nonagenarian and treasure of world cinema, teams up with the mysterious JR, a thirty-something street artist specialising in large-scale outdoor photographic portraiture in the delightful Faces Places. A docu-travelogue, Varda’s film sees the irresistibly incongruent duo embark on a quest to honour the faces, places, and fast-disappearing traditions of rural France.

Travelling to small communities, towns and farms in JR’s van, fitted out to resemble a gigantic camera, they immortalise intriguing locals they meet along the way with immense public murals. Among their disparate subjects is the last inhabitant in a row of miners’ cottages that is scheduled for demolition, a postman who was once indispensable to his community, and a trio of dockworkers and their wives.

(Notes by David O’Mahony.)

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