Director: Kieran Hickey

A socially dissident drama from director Kieran Hickey, Exposure is a courageous assault on a smothering cultural conservatism prevalent in Ireland in the 1980s. Three surveyors – married men Dan (T.P. McKenna) and Eugene (Bosco Hogan) and single man Oliver (Niall O’Brien) – stationed at a rural hotel on a work assignment, are the figures with which Hickey launches his attack. Spending the weekend drinking and misbehaving, the trio’s seeming equilibrium is shaken the arrival of mysterious French divorcee Caroline (Catherine Schell) begins to expose the men’s often immature, stunted attitudes towards women and adult relationships. An indictment of sexual and societal repression in a recognisably modernised Ireland, Exposure is a brave and thematically rich work, managing to weave in a debate about the power of images and looking into its fiery social critique.

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