Director: Jacques Tourneur,

97 minutes| U.S.A.| 1947

This film screened 8th March 2010.

For the month of March, in conjunction with the National Film School at IADT, we are showing four classic Hollywood films that are essential viewing for any film fan. Tom Kennedy of IADT will introduce the films, providing a brief background and location for each within the canon of Hollywood classics.

Special ticket price of €30 (€26 members) for all four screenings. Regular admission prices apply for individual screenings. OUT OF THE PAST (AKA BUILD MY GALLOWS HIGH)
Film noir starring Robert Mitchum as Jeff Bailey, the world-weary former detective who escapes to small town Bridgeport to start a new life. But his past, in true noir fashion, won’t let him go, and is revealed in flashback. Kirk Douglas, playing Whit Stirling, turns up to pay back Bailey for his affair with his girlfriend. The shadows and dimly-lit rooms associated with noir make up this wonderfully atmospheric drama from the director of Cat People.

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