Escape From Suburbia

Director: Gregory Greene

Canada • 2006 • 95 mins

In Escape from Suburbia: Beyond the American Dream, Canadian documentary film-maker Gregory Greene, director of the hugely successful The End of Suburbia (2004), takes us on a journey of discovery – a sobering, vital and ultimately positive exploration of what the second half of the Oil Age has in store for us. The film explores the notion that the American Dream of an idealized suburban life is based on the availability of cheap and abundant oil, and as demand begins to outpace supply, the goalposts are starting to shift. Escape from Suburbia moves away from the realm of theory and despair inhabited by some films, and instead looks to those seeking practical solutions for a postcarbon age. In doing so, this film provides viable alternatives for communities working at the local level to ensure the survival of a sustainable civilization in the 21st century and beyond. An extraordinary and insightful documentary, it is refreshing to come across an ‘environmental’ film that – instead of using scare tactics as a call to action – has, at its heart, hope and genuine ideas.
Director Gregory Greene will attend this screening.

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