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Erin Brockovich

This true life story of an uneducated single mother taking on a huge corporation and winning, features Julia Roberts in undeniably the best performance of her career as the feisty heroine Erin Brockovich. Albert Finney is the small-town lawyer, Ed Masry, who finds himself caught up in her crusade. With her sharp tongue and microscopic clothes, she forces her way into the lawyer’s office, then boardrooms and ultimately the courtroom as she fights to expose the company guilty of polluting the water which has caused cancer and death in the town. Masry’s dreams of early retirement fade as she pursuades him to take on the case. Her neighbour George provides a romantic interest. Reviewers have pointed out that an underlying message of the film is that in order to succeed, you’ve got to be gorgeous. However, as a story of determination and survival, the film has much to offer, particularly for the sparkling chemistry between Brockovich and the conservative Masry.

USA,2000,Drama, 130 mins, Director: Steven Soderbergh.
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