Entre ses mains

Director: Anne Fontaine

1h 30min. 2005

On one level, Entre ses mains is a very fine psychological thriller. It tells the story of a growing relationship between a young married woman and a charming but enigmatic middle-aged man who may be responsible for a series of gruesome murders. But as with the best films in this genre it is an absorbing and penetrating insight into attraction and, ultimately, love. Claire Gautier (Isabelle Carre) is an insurance adjuster who is in love with life, her husband and her five-year-old child. Well adjusted in every sense of the word, she is rational, composed and in control. She meets veterinarian Laurent Kessler (Benoît Poelvoorde) when he files a claim with her company. Awkwardly and tentatively, his interest in her blooms, and before long he’s looking for excuses to knock on her door. Meanwhile, there is a killer loose in the city and Claire finds herself asking herself whether her new friend is the Doctor Death for whom the police are hunting. Blessed with a tight and controlled script, as well as stunning performances by Carre and Poelvoorde, Fontaine plumbs every situation for its maximum power. Cast includes: Isabelle Carre, Benoît Poelvoorde and Jonathan Zaccai.

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